On June 30, 2013 Adam Overa at Tom’s Hardware posted his 2013 browser benchmark results online.  The thorough test looks at all aspects of browser performance -  including start-up times, rendering, memory use, reliability and standards support.  Yay for completeness.

This year’s winner is somewhat surprising to me … Firefox.

Firefox is my favorite browser but Chrome is often the Developers choice... typically.  When I am just browsing I tried to get used to Chrome but Firefox was just... better for me.

Firefox's reputation for speed and efficiency had been damaged in recent years - mostly by articles & blog posts about how Chrome was the fastest and most met CSS3 and Javascript standards.  And I found that to be true in my little tests. But apparently in the complete picture Firefox kicks butt. 

Kudos to Mozilla for stepping up and turning the situation around. At least on Windows.

Firefox comes top in relatively few tests but it’s often in a strong second or third place and offers good performance in all areas. Chrome leads in many speed tests but is let down by start-up times, multi-tab memory use and its shocking reliability result.  Who knew?

A quick glance at the chart may lead you to conclude there’s a gaping chasm between the best and worst browsers. Don’t believe it. While tests such as this are interesting, the applications are closer than they’ve ever been — no single browser is an outright winner in all areas.  But I still recommending avoiding IE 10 - and lower versions even more so.

(some excerpted text from Sitepoint.com)

Posted by Joe Vago Monday, July 8, 2013 12:33:00 AM

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