What are the benefits of Content Management Systems?

There are many benefits for companies to use Content Management Systems (CMS):

  • No technical knowledge required to update and manage content
  • Content is logically arranged in a branched folder structure, making it easy to manage
  • Updates can be performed instantly
  • Open-source meaning its FREE (don't be fooled by the powerful engine under the hood)
  • Great for building best practice search engine optimized sites, Google loves it!
  • Easy to Integrate Google Analytics, so you can see how well your site is performing
  • Can allocate user permissions, allowing each department to manage their own section of the site
  • Content is separate from the styling, making it easy to restyle in the future should you wish to

Simple editing

Adding and updating content for an Our CMS website is as easy as writing a document in Microsoft Word.

Simplicity is key, only the necessary styling controls are displayed, this enables the site to retain a consistent look and feel across the entire website.

Content can be saved as a draft, or published at a click of a button.

Content Scheduling

Content scheduling means you can set a date for a page to go live, or set an expiry date. This can be useful if you're advertising a promotion, or releasing a press release which needs to go live on a certain day.

Version Control

Our CMS saves every content change you make, meaning you'll never loose an article or a piece of content you've written again.

Simply right click on the page, and you'll be able to compare previous versions of text, Our CMS even highlights the variations between copy.

Media Library

Our CMS has a very useful media library to store and categorise all your images, documents and other media material.

As your site grows, so does your media library, making it an invaluable asset management tool.

One of the major advantages of the media library is that should you need to update an image, it'll update everywhere else on the website automatically.

Cross Browser Compliant

Do your customers or employees work on a mixture of MACs and PCs? no problem! Our CMS works on all platforms and browsers. As long as you have an internet connection, you can maintain and update your website anywhere, anytime.


Some companies require an approval process before content can be published. This is easy with Our CMS - it gives you full control over the publishing process. Our CMS also can be setup to notify you should certain events take place.

Role Based Permissions

Our CMS allows you assign permissions to users allowing them to be responsible for their own section of the website.

For example you can assign permissions that allows the PR team to manage the news section of the website, and the marketing team to manage another section.